Homeowners and Renters Contents Insurance

Why Buy Renters Insurance? If you add up the value of all your possessions, you may find that it totals millions of dollars. Your precious belongings took a lifetime to accumulate. If you lost everything tomorrow, would you be in a position to replace everything immediately? If you answered No consider purchasing Renters Insurance from Key Insurance Company. Renters Insurance takes away the stress and the worry. You need no longer feel anxious thinking “what if this happened to me?” The following additional coverage’s are included for FREE:

  • Refrigerated Food Spoilage – caused by an insured peril ($20,000.00)
  • Identity Theft ($50,000.00)
  • Lock Replacement, damage to doors, windows or grills – following a burglary ($50,000.00)
  • Money, Titles, Computer programs caused by an insured peril- ($30,000.00)
  • Personal Liability ($3,000,000.00)
  • Accidents to Household Employees ($3,000,000.00)
  • Alternative Accommodation / Rent (10% of contents value) Contents Insured at Full Replacement Cost
  • Travel insurance – (US$10,000.00)
  • Policy Not subject to the Pro-Rata Condition of Average (Underinsurance)